I've become a ditherer: HP6940 Printer

HP6940 Printer

My old HP printer will not respond to my Mac. I chatted on line with the manufacturer and then talked to their representative by phone.


Obsolescent. I hate that word and the idea that we always need something new.

But in this case, I must have a printer and had to succumb to buying a new one yesterday online. I tried to buy the recommended model, first at Staples, 50 miles round-trip. Then I forced myself to check the Walmart in Honesdale (another 45 miles round trip). Neither had this model and it was this model HP recommended as a good substitute for the one that died.

Unfortunately, I also have to replace a tired toaster and a landfill microwave oven. I never stop thinking of replacing two televisions, one 10 and the other 20 years old. I have a VCR that might work, no DVD player and a cell phone that works only in town.

Am I old fashioned? Absolutely not!

But I am learning I am resistant to change, and hate to replace these electrical appliances.

I often stroll around aisles peering at brands, designs, colours, prices, and find myself walking out the door(s) empty-handed.

I dither.

I can't decide if (a) I want these convenience appliances, (b) if I want to buy high or low end replacements and (c) as there is little variety locally, and I feel overwhelmed by reviews, I keep postponing these purchases.

I can live without toast; make good meals without a microwave oven and live with an old television.

I wasn't able to live without a printer.

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