Frank Schaeffer's Repentant Words

Frank Schaeffer, a former right wing extremist, speaks candidly in this piece at Huffington Post about how words can and are often the basis for violent action.

This is not news, it is a reiteration of what we've already experienced nationally and internationally.

In America, many are in judgment of the vitriol that comes out of the Middle East, and in particular terrorist groups or their minyans.

Why would those same judges not understand that hate mongering on television, in books, in churches, at our parties and classrooms, wouldn't also contribute to violence.

I understand that more than 20m Americans listen to Rush Limbaugh, and more than 20m watch Bill O'Reilly--two of many outspoken trawlers for hate content to air on their shows. I am not among those watching or listening and in fact when the press talks about either of these two men, I more often than not, turn the page or channel.

But their words are heard all across this country, just like Mr. Schaeffer's words were heard.

Can we do anything, sane and sensible, to change this?

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