Review: Exa-Board by Exaclair

Traditional Office Clipboard

You might say I am fond of clipboards, all sizes and shapes and as I often write, draw and even paint away from a studio environment, I often use clipboards. Some of these are just modest office clipboards while others are more elaborate.

Plastic Clipboard

I have some made of plastic. The above clipboard is light weight, easy to toss around and was a gift from my accountant.

Alvin Artists Clipboard

Other clipboards, like the Alvin (above) are too large for my lap and require a drawing board or desk surface.

Levenger's Lap Desk Clipboard

And for writing I splurged on the Levenger's lap desk, the least expensive of their offerings, for writing on soft surfaces. It is quite comfortable with its pillow backing.

Exaboard, Closed View (Photo courtesy Exaclair)

Now Exaclair's Exoboard can serve all those purposes: a good solid surface for drawing; a perfect surface for a legal or letter sized notebook and easy to lug around for those spontaneous moments you find yourself interviewing a dairy farmer.

Exaboard, Open View (Photo courtesy Exaclair)

Close up of the unique Exaboard Clip (holds a pen)

The clip and spiral serve multiple purposes: holding down your tablet, but also the coil nicely takes a pen (I don't recommend an expensive fountain pen).

I found the Exaboard Portfolio at Santa Fe Pens for $22.95. Check for retailers and online sources at Exaclair, Inc.

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