Structured Procrastination

Bob Ingram ©

Yesterday I pulled the 7 of swords, often associated with, yes, procrastination. As I know that is precisely what I have been doing, I went a step farther and thought I'd look up the word and accomplish nothing but a definition.
Instead I discovered this interesting read by John Perry, Sanford University philosophy professor, about "structured" rather than just plain ole "generalised" procrastination.

After thinking about it (yes, my major was philosophy), I realized that structured procrastination reminded me of behavior change. Not just ordinary behavior change, but the change model.

I was at the illustrious university where Prochaska and DiClemente developed their stages of change model and one of its earliest guinea pigs. Although I've always found the model itself brilliant I've not really seen it as much more than procrastination in its various applications.

Now of course I see why that tiny light bulb went off in my head: structured procrastination = change model.

And this entire blog entry has been not much more than structured procrastination!

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