Looking deeper into opinion pieces

When we read a piece in the newspaper, or a magazine, or watch a commentator on television, how much do we know about their "come from?"

While reading Charles Krauthammer's piece on President Obama, I asked myself, "what do I know about the writer?" Nothing.

So I explored and discovered more about the writer and his positions.

On a scale of 1-10, Krauthammer was formerly described as a liberal +5 by colleagues. Today it appears Krauthammer is socially progressive, and internationally as progressive as former President George Bush, or commentator, Bill Kristol, who is defined as a neoconservative. Taking his social biases and adding them to his international views, I'd rank him on the same scale as -5.

Having a few more facts about the writer's "come from" provides insight into his/her perspective and enables the reader to better judge the piece's credibility and validity--that is if the reader retains his/her own neutrality.

Another structured procrastination exercise!

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