Watercolour Books

The other day someone posted on Wet Canvas asking about an out of print book by Mel Stabin. It is selling for about 4 or 5 times its original price.

It crossed my mind that I probably own this book--and I do.

Months ago, I had said to myself that after I finished my one year obsession with fountain pens, I'd take a good, hard look at the watercolour books I own and try to sell some of them.

Now, looking at a fountain pen doesn't take too much time, but reviewing an art book could take me days, or even weeks, especially as I glance at my bookshelves and see I have at least four (4) shelves of alphabetically sorted watercolour books--so approximately 100 books.

The last time I sold art books was when I left New York and I thought then I knew which books I wanted and why.

I realize I haven't looked at this book--once--since I read and reviewed it when I purchased it in 2005. So I am thinking, "isn't it time to pass it on to another watercolourist?"

But, and this is not a small but, I sold quite a few books for which I had nagging regrets, regrets I still have on occasion when I reach for a book and its loving space is empty or filled with another book friend.

So continuing with my structured procrastination, I am going to review each and every book and make a slightly more informed decision on their fate and mine.

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