Books: A Conversation With John Irving

John Irving, early years, via Achievement.Org

The New York Times Book Review, Sunday last, included a video discussion with John Irving.

An early Irving fan, I was intrigued with his approach to seeding a novel. It is the last sentence not the first that sets him on his course.

And a novel with this percolated ending can take as much as 5-7 years to complete.

Also although the interview does not address it, I suspect Mr. Irving writes his novels long-hand, in a journal.

He's just completed a new book set for distribution in the Fall.

And an earlier candid video interview in which he discusses his novel, "Until I find you."


  1. Thanks for these--very inspiring! I read "Garp" way back when. His process is intriguing.

  2. Pity the semi-autobiographical novel he talked about in the longer video doesn't seem to have been well received (according to Amazon reviews).