The Five Evils and Hope: The Green Pond

Lust: Kam (Sanskrit kama) meaning deep desire, uncontrolled longing, concupiscence, sensuality or lasciviousness; common usage: excessive passion for sexual pleasure.

: Krodh
(the Sanskrit word krodha) means wrath or rage. Expressed in various forms, i.e., silent sullenness to hysterical tantrums and violence, wrath.

Greed: Lobh (Gurmukhi word greed) a strong desire for worldly possessions and a constant focus on possessing material items, especially the urge to possess what rightfully belongs to others; makes an individual selfish and self-centred.

Attachment: Moh (Sanskrit muh stupefied, bewildered perplexed, to err, to be mistaken). The snare of worldly illusion, infatuation. Confusing reality.

Ego: Ahankar (Gurmukhi word ego or excessive pride due to one's possessions, material wealth, intelligence or powers. It gives an individual the feeling that he is superior to others and therefore they are at a lower level than him.


Hope, a belief in a positive outcome.

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