Free Cycle

I first discovered Free Cycle at the Portland Zine Symposium in '02.

Back then I was doing a regular art zine, and met up with some friends in Portland (OR) to exchange ideas, have laughs and see each other's work.

One of the vendors operated a free cycle in the local area. She had the neatest, funkiest stuff I've ever seen then or now. Mostly stuff we could use in a paper zine but strange plastic objects the likes of which I can't describe.

When I left New York I listed zillions of things to my local chapter and was able to give away stacks of books and art supplies to neighbourhood groups--mostly teachers--and furniture I just couldn't see storing and could be used by other folks.

Now we have two Free Cycles in this area, one in the Poconos, and one more local. This chair was offered this week and I nabbed it for my studio. It is old, needs new upholstery but the frame is in good to excellent condition and a studio doesn't have to be as decorative as the art that gets made in it.

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