Full Moon Dreams

At one time I had hundreds of tarot decks and dozens of books on the subject. It was a collection I started at age 19.

Before I left New York I decided to sell most of them. With the help of two friends who had large tarot mailing lists, and two tarot groups of which I was a member, I was able to find good homes for most of the decks and 90% of the books.

Now three years later I can't recall what I kept--so an inventory is in order. It won't be as long a list as it once was and it might settle my mind as someone recently wrote asking for a deck and I had to pause to see if I had it.

Artist Inner Vision Deck, self published
Daughters of the Moon , self published
Full Moon Dreams, Lunaea Weatherstone, self published
The Golden Tarot,
Karen Black (US Games)
H.R. Giger Tarot (self published)
The Healing Tarot,
Rev. Jennifer Moore (self published)
Mantegna Tarot, Los Scarabeo, Torino
Mary El Tarot (self published)
Medicine Cards, Jamie Sams & David Carson (Bear & Co)
The Medieval Scapini Tarot, US Games
Morgan-Greer Tarot, Morgan and Morgan
Motherpeace Round Tarot,
Karen Vogel & Vicki Noble (US Games)
The Mythic Tarot, Juliet Sharman-Burke & Liz Greene
The Rohrig Tarot,
Carl W Rohrig, Bluestar Communications
The Shining Tribe,
Rachel Pollack (Llewellyn Publications)
The Shining Woman, Rachel Pollack (Aquarian Press)
Songs of the Journey Home, self published
Star that Never walks around, self published
The Tarots of the Origins, Sergio Toppi (Lo Scarabeo, Torino)
Tarot of the Witches (AGMuller)
Thoth Tarot, Aleister Crowley (US Games)
Transformational Tarot, Arnell Ando, self published
Transformational Tarot, Arnell Ando (US Games revised edition)
The Universal Dali Tarot, distributed d'art surrealista s.a.
Vertigo Tarot, Dave McKean and Rachel Pollack, DC Comics
Visconti Tarots, Lo Scarabeo

And a few other decks I'm sorting out.

Image: Ace of Disks, Mary-El Tarot

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