Sellin' out the Cellar!

It's that time again!

It's been one year since I came here to the Valley, and gathered together all my personal belongings.

It is now time to re-evaluate what to keep and what to sell, although I've been selling stuff--as much as buying--since I decided to retire and hit the road in February '06.

It is not so much what to sell that stumps me but where? Most folks are finding themselves more reluctant to just "go shopping" and non-essentials are not getting a high priority in the family budget.

The 'bay seems daunting. The other venues not responding. The list is endless although not substantial. Most of what I'd like to sell is unused art supplies, including tools for bookbinding, jewelry making, etc. I also seem to have some electronic items that serve no purpose to me today in the country--portable HP printer, etc.

So, where do I start and how do I accomplish this mission with November moving as fast as a greased Liz said this morning.

Rhyme (Greenway)

See-Saw-Jack in the Hedge

See-Saw-Jack in the hedge,
Which is the way to London Bridge?
One foot up, the other foot down,
That is the way to London town


  1. Unused art supplies on FPN - I'm always looking!

  2. Yes, I have put some art supplies on FPN--here's one listing with no buys:

    However, I was able to sell all the watercolours I listed.

    Thanks, M.