Still also after that bag to take to Guatemala

This bag is promising but I'm not yet convinced.

Sometimes more is less.

I suspect having more pockets than many other bags may make finding something on the run problematic.


  1. What function are you looking for the bag to accomplish?

  2. The everything bag to carry around while I travel--I will be gone for 2months but want to travel as light as possible.

    ...And like paper and writing instruments, I am not without bags but wanted one bigger than some I have and smaller than others.


  3. I'm typically big on backpacks when I travel. Like to keep my hands free, and it seems to improve my posture.

    I also just picked up a (used from the FPN) Timbuk 2 Metro messenger. It's a really nice size for day trips, etc. I hate giant messenger bags.

  4. Can't handle a back-pack for some reason--never could...but like the way that one looks...

    I'll keep looking but this one just came up for sale for under $30.00 and no shipping costs so I might just spring for it...