Who is the next President: 44

What we see and what is unseen is often at opposite polls. In Obama's natal chart (not verified), we see a man who is a people person (7h) with enormous ingenuity, originality, and a sense of humanity (1h).

Work and career, digging deeply into issues will be evident (6h, 10h). The Moon placed in 4h clearly an indicator of his familial warmth with his children, and the strong bond he had with his female parental surrogate (grand-mother), his mother and his wife.

And although popular and surrounded by unusual partners (packed 7h) he will always confront hidden enemies (7h).

His Pluto/Mars conjunction (8h) indicates a strength and determination that we saw in the nearly two year Presidential race he conducted.

Overall I was not surprised by this hypothetical chart for the 44th President of the United States of America.

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