And the book industry falls down!

I don't suppose any industry will be spared in this economy and so it comes as no surprise that book sales have decreased, enormously, since October and that publishers are consolidating.
Strangely, I have probably bought more books since October than the previous six months. I've bought books as gifts for my grand-daughters, my nieces, my friends and even for myself.

And as I am retired to a community of dairy farmers, weekenders, other retirees and cows, I am neither the benefactor or the beneficiary of the royal lunch.

However, in the years I did work for a medical publishing firm, the bonuses were hefty, and the rewards enormous.

Nothing was spared as the plates spilled over with freshly caught salmon and the wine cups gleamed with vintage colour.

Those days are long over for the industry and certainly for me, and only occasionally do I wax poetic on this yesterday.

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