Impatience and the "Agora Sindroma"

I have to thank and commend Biffybeans, again, for checking the facts and posting them on the Fountain Pen Network, in this case making it clear why the Journal Shop (UK), generally prompt and courteous, has not filled a few orders.

We all seem to suffer from what I once coined, "the agora sindroma," the now syndrome when my Chair wanted it now, regardless of how difficult the task.

When I said those two magic words, agora sindroma, she had to smile because she knew it meant there was no way this task was going to happen immediately.

I've noticed how often folks jump to conclusions, and now post on line implying that something or someone is not meeting their needs, without checking the facts, or giving the supplier, friend or acquaintance an opportunity to provide an answer or a service.

What troubles me is how these seemingly innocent remarks result in bad press, and unwarranted bad press, for the person, institution or supplier.

This syndrome is infectious!

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