Keyholes into the past or the future

I came upon more blogs of artists I've known, met or reviewed. Michelle Ward is one of the artists I've met and whose work I've much admired.

So, I wasn't surprised to find Michelle busy making art, spurring on others and creating prompts for interesting, challenging journal pages at her Green Peppers Press Street Team website. The latest challenge is shapes.

Last night I fiddled faintly with squares, circles and some rectangles. But none of these ignited my creative urges. Then today it popped, keyholes.

I first encountered Michelle's work in Lynne Perrella's True Colors. Lynne conceived a singular original idea that has since spawned ripples all over the art kingdom. Why? It is personal, it is beautiful and it is inspiring. The artists each have individual styles, yet they come together in an orchestrated and tonally rich symphony. The book is a spectacular concept of how an art journal can become the journey of 15 artists.

Back in 2003, when I learned several of the journals were on exhibit in Long Island, I got into my car and drove over to Karen Michel's and Carlo Thertus' CASK studio to see them, review them for a journal and study them. Carlos is a most gracious host and showed me around and gave me the space to imbibe the work, and also learn about the studio's mission and his own magnificent work. On the day I visited, Karen, I believe was off teaching one of her workshops so I never did meet her but the CASK studio is going strong, and it appears Karen Michel has published a book.

Now if only I can get out of my funk and find that keyhole!

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