Marlene Dumas at MoMA

Deborah Solomon paints Dumas masterfully here.

I'm not familiar with Dumas' work nor did our paths cross in Amsterdam.

However, it is always a pleasure to hear of success and particularly in the topsy turvy world of art.

Conceptualism was at its zenith in the Netherlands in the 70s, and it took me a long time to grasp its positives. However, it certainly launched some respectable art and then floundered and nearly disappeared from the scene.

Moving from conceptualism to interpretative painting does not seem a strange leap and apparently it landed Dumas' on her feet. It is no small feat to sell a modern painting for more than a million dollars, and Dumas did just that.

Of the work Solomon mentions in her piece I especially would like to see Dumas' watercolours and collages on paper.

Added later @ 18 November 2009

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