A Matter of Astrology: Obama and Lincoln

Many people scoff at astrology, as I certainly did until I had my own chart done in the 1980s. Then, I researched it and read dozens of astrology books for more than five years while conducting test charts for all my colleagues (scientists), friends (many artists) and family members. Occasionally it seemed I could make assertions but then someone would come along with a chart that didn't fit, and all the research and assertions became questionable.

I still dabble with it and check the ephemeris occasionally.

And today as I look at the ephemeris, I see that Obama's 12-1hs is packed with planets, including Jupiter--the giver of light after the Sun itself. A good augury, and I wouldn't be surprised if the President gives up smoking and puts on quite a bit of weight.

I also noticed that President Abraham Lincoln, whose bible President Obama chose to use at his own inauguration, was born on February 12, 1809, placing his Sun on Obama's ascendent (1hs).
Often with 1hs-Sun conjunctions between two people we find strong ties, conscious or unconscious, and to some degree an unspoken sense of responsibility. This of course is postulated for the living.

I wonder how this might play out between two men, both presidents, one very much alive and the other a lasting memory.

Time will tell; not astrology.


  1. Your article caught my eye and being a professional astrologer, I was pleased to find it favorable -- at least until the last comment!

    There are many astrologers who believe that a person's chart continues to resonate even after that person has left the physical plane. Spurred by your article, I checked out President Lincoln's chart.

    We don't have an exact birth time for him, but for this example we don't need it. His birth date is Feb. 12, 1809 in Hodgenville, Ky. Sunrise was at 6:54 AM. In the absence of dependably timed data, a chart cast for sunrise will suffice.

    The Sun was at 23 Aquarius on that day, so that is Lincoln's Sun. Right now, on the day of the 2009 Inauguration and for several more weeks, Neptune is at 23 Aquarius, that very degree. Neptune only rolls around once every 165 years or so, which makes this significant. And what does Neptune at its best represent? Try this for starters:

    images, photography, film
    washing away of boundaries
    expressions of oneness and unity
    arena of endless possibilities
    most sublime hopes and wishes
    speaks to the heart, subconscious

    And that is just for starters. There are lots of other connections, but this one eclipses them. The election of Barack Obama is nothing less than a re-visioning and reawakening of what Lincoln accomplished. That this is shown, but not caused, by astrology -- well the only amazing thing is that I'm still amazed.

    Thanks for your article.


  2. Thank you for reading, stopping by to comment and adding your own significant insights.

    As an Aquarian on the ascendent myself, I paid quite a bit of attention to the two charts, although I did not find an accurate TOB for Lincoln.

    Much appreciated information.