EU to attempt control of arms into Gaza

A cold chill ran down my back when I read this article, not because it isn't a reasonable idea, but because when I lived in Amsterdam, one of the Minister's made a very pro-Israeli statement and we ended up with an oil embargo at Rotterdam.

It was as if we had reentered a war zone: the shelves of all the markets went bare, rationing was initiated, the use of automobiles limited to permits, and a shuttered canal.

The incident went under reported, but we traded gas for oil with the Germans, and managed to survive the blitz.

As my then husband worked for the government, he was among the few who could travel but it didn't do much for our household store of eats, or my nerves.

And this earlier article addresses the conflicts of being pro- or anti-Israel in the Netherlands, something that rose to the surface, quickly in 1973.

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