Card of the Day: King of Swords

Another day of snow, fever and sleeping in late.

However, restless sleep can occasionally offer up dreams, visions and inspiration. It can also, like driving, provide insight into unsolved problems or challenges (PC speak).

Like the King of Swords, it is time for impartial and cold judgment...and not unfocused dreams.

Pondering an approach to a one year plan, I believe I can work on writing in the mornings, and visual art in the afternoon into the evening--occasionally merging the two.

I also believe I am more capable of short stories than a full blown novel, and that many of the purple folders that have accumulated over the years of scattered writing can be properly set into a framework that will hold together as a finished piece.

It is also possible to take on some collaborative work as recently suggested by two friends, and I have tentatively agreed to one of the suggestions. Tonight I will hear the details and its intent.

So, like Solomon, I will put forth the complete child rather than persist in separating and segregating the two, and abandon the notion that I can't do both visual art and write simultaneously.

Image: Golden Tarot, Karen Black
; King Solomon painting

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