Not a fountain pen: Pen Addict

If you are into writing implements, and don't restrict yourself to fountain pens, Pen Addict, is a really good blog to check out.

I've learned quite a bit about pens either new on the market or that I haven't tried.

But with as many pens (fountain pens and otherwise) I own, discretion is the better part of my purse.

I did, however, buy two disposal Kuretake
brush pens to experiment with from Jet Pens although I am a big fan of Tomboy ABTs, among others and have quite a stash of Copics.

For the longest time Kuretake was hard to come by in the States, and I put them on the back burner until now.

When I don't use a fountain pen, or a Pilot Vball, I use brush pens. I love the way they make broad flourishes and I think I've agreed to participate in a new project last night and brush pens will be put to good use as they generally work well over acrylics.