Peeling away the cobwebs: Rubber Inventory

In an attempt to bring a five-shelf open bookcase upstairs and create a real white room Studio, I have been emptying one shelf at a time as it is chockablock full of art supplies, paper, old art magazines and just stuff.

Some of these supplies were never part of my daily fare, but it appears I have amassed quite a few alphabet rubber stamps and assorted ink pads.

Cavallini & Co (FOR SALE, NIB)

I started testing all the ink pads and discovered that nearly all the Adirondack pads are close to dry or dried out and these were my favourite colours. I might be able to get a word or two out of each, but then they are trashable.

The Brilliance are in fairly good condition.

The Nick Bantocks in these eye catching containers never met their promise, although the colour names were spectacular and held great allure when they first appeared on the market place. They are nothing like the prodigious Nick Bantock and I'd say all of these are ready for a heave-ho.

The two Frescas are iffy, but might have some life.

Most of the famous old Memories, acid free and all, are as dry as the Sahara.

The VersaMark actually appears quite juicy (a rubber stamp word).

Of the ink pads I have the StazOn seem the healthiest but are also probably the newest as I believe I bought a white and black pad in Arizona.

The two Colorboxes hold promise.

I also have a Dr. Ph. Martin Inkpak in a gold colour, still usable; and a few odd brands in single pads.

I'm going to try to use these as backgrounds for journal pages and consider myself lucky that any survived after such a long storage period.

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