What is a collection? Lamy Safaris

I remember buying a yellow Safari at Morris' on Thayer Street when I was at Brown but for some reason that fountain pen got lost, and now I have seven (7) Safaris and none are yellow.

I'd like to trade one of the reds for another colour: yellow or charcoal.

I think my two favourites are the lime with a 1.1 nib and the white with a b nib.

And like most Safari users, I am content with these fine writers, and affordable fountain pens.

They are so sturdy I have no worries tossing them into my pocket and jumping into the car with a shopping list.


  1. Ah! I only have three right now, if you include the Lamy Joy calligraphy pen, but I see more in my future. Nice collection!

  2. Look at the bottom of this page

  3. Thanks for stopping by. Kim I left a message on your site.

    And Jerry, I am afraid I am confused by your message.