Why the Uniter Divided Us!

It's interesting to read commentary on where President Bush (for one more day) succeeded and where he might have failed.

His policies in Africa and AIDS funding seems to be touted among his successes.

Au contraire.

The funds allotted for AIDS were often crippled by their tie-in to abstinence as other national programs were bound to fundamentalism not constructivism. Prevention studies have all shown that abstinence only programs or programs that do not include safe sex practices are a failure, a folly, a misguided intent to moralise.

So, Mr. President I take this commendation others offer you and put it on the shelf where it belongs: your program was an abysmal failure. Moralising US dollars didn't reduce the spread of AIDS, and not understanding or appreciating how other cultures function only brings hazardous results, especially among African women who cannot self-efficate.

And, in the United States, direct care funding increased as prevention funding declined. False benchmarks were set for eliminating HIV and other STIs, and education was restricted. More moralising!

It is my sincere hope that Barack Obama, and his administration, will use common sense, and put some muscle into health care, whether it is here in the United States or abroad.

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