Daily Planner Reports...on paper

With so many distractions, I don't want to allow myself to click "buy" without knowing what it is I am getting so I make phone calls or send emails. I did both and contacted The Daily Planner to inquire whether the RH e-pure has the same paper as the Clairefontaine 6155 pads.

It appears they don't.

They responded today in an email to say that the manufacturer states that the 6155 is a better quality paper.

Now there is nothing special about this pad, but the paper is exactly what pleases me for notetaking.


  1. Nope, it's not Clairefontaine paper in the ePure...... but the new Rhodia Webnotebook to be sold in the US, will have the Clairefontaine paper.

    My review on the ePure:

  2. I was so disappointed with the answer. Perhaps by the time the Webnotebooks show up in the States, I'll be ready to splurge again.