The Race Rapier

Someone asked me yesterday to describe myself in three words. One of the words I offered was "political." It is in my blood! My Dad was always embroiled in one political issue or another while I was growing up and seems to have passed this gene along.

And I have worked for both parties over the years, with some modicum of success, but more importantly, direct contact with those elected gave me more insight into the workings of government. I also found myself on both sides of the receiving and taking fence of medical and research funding.

Now here we are in the mad race to the finish line and race is surfacing faster than any other bullet in the woods. We have an economy that is pitiful, wars, turmoil, discord, disbelief about our country's leaders, but we are back to race.

Last night the television ads on Pennsylvania stations for Senator McCain hammered home the implication that Senator Obama can't be trusted. These ads ran every commercial break. The power of suggestion is strong, and the power to persuade palpable.

If the Senator from Illinois does not win this election, yes, it will be in large measure because of race.

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