Making a Pen Wrap - Part I

I took out my pencil wrap, a gift from my daughter when I went ontheroad, to study its construction and see how it could be adapted for fountain pens. I took some measurements, made some notes and found some fabric I had stored in a trunk that might make a good outer body. I still need to find some sheer silk or finely woven cotten for the lining.

These are some of the questions I asked myself.

  • How many pens do I want to wrap?
  • What is the width (girth) of the pens I want to wrap?
  • What is their length?
  • What if any extra width or length is necessary to accommodate various clips?
  • Is there an advantage to have the wrap overlap partially or wholly?

With the subject of pen wraps currently being discussed on the FPn, Hisnibs points us to one of the splendid wraps made by his wife.

I have the advantage of custom planning and will make some modifications to that design.

I'd like the flap to fold entirely over the fountain pens. I will make one wrap for my shorter Pelikans and a second wrap for my Safaris.

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