Five of Wands

Small hassles can often be more unnerving, more difficult to resolve and time consuming.

The five of wands represents that sort of challenge and it is precisely what I am feeling at present.

I've always loved writing instruments, and in particular, fountain pens. They were part of the joy of writing, and in some cases, drawing. In fact, drawing, writing and reading have always been part of my day.

Fountain pens were the oft gifts I gave myself on my birthday or occasionally on a holiday. Pens in general were the focus of my browsing in art supply shops and stationers, but then they became an object--something to use.

Now it seems I am cleaning pens, sorting them for purposes other than their original intention and getting caught up in ways I've never experienced before. Rather than having these writing instruments be an extension of my day, they are becoming the focus of my day.

I am beginning to hate my fountain pens.

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