Route 191 - The Campaign Trail

Driving in rural America is like looking at a painting, winding roads, clapboard and stone houses, autumn colours, a horse farm, some sheep, cows grazing and even a few goats here or there.

Stopping at the new Rileyville Country Store, starving and noticing a sign for a bagel, I learned just a little more about my community and how John McCain can win Pennsylvania.

From my house in a tiny hamlet to the real town 22 miles away 90% of the lawn signs shout in blue and white "McCain-Palin" and it only as you begin to enter the town of Bethel that the blue and whites turn to "Obama-Biden" so when I waited for my bagel to toast I got into one of those country talks at the counter.

Sure enough the two store owners are voting McCain. "Nope, Obama isn't experienced enough. Yup, there really are a great number of those folks here, more than there used to be, and McCain has been there (Washington) for a long time and is a hero."

So, we are prejudiced; we are under informed and the area is Republican, conservative and ready to vote in another 4 or more years of the same old same old.

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