Much of the morning I have been in active contemplation about one subject or another and didn't pull a card until afternoon.

Justice means so many things, fair and even, being one of several. Interesting that the card is generally represented as yin. My own Justice card is among those I truly like. I'll have to scan it one day soon.

So looking at fair and even I'd say some of the issues that are troubling or challenging me are the election, my relationships to those closest to me, and my obsessions.

I am most troubled by the events surrounding us, the backlash in politics, the state of the economy, the sense of doom and how far away those I love are from this rural town.

As I mentioned to J just days ago, I am always more inclined towards the dystopic than the utopic, so the issues we are facing nationally and internationally, those close to home and personal and those at a distance and universal, are crowding my thoughts in a most gloomy manner.

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