Giving Rhodia a Good Grade

A few months ago I picked up a hand full of assorted journals from a FPn member, one of which is this Rhodia Notebook (RH-16521).

It is 80g, not the 90g I love in the Clairefontaine pads, but and this is a good but, it takes well to fountain pen ink--no bleeding, no noticeable feathering and it can be used on both sides of the 80 pages--making it a true 160 page notebook.

Like a steno pad, it flips up and can be turned for writing on the alternate side of each page--no big deal for me, but perhaps a challenge to some.

It, like the Clairefontaine 6155 is lined--not my first choice--but I'm beginning to get accustomed to writing with the lines while not necessarily "staying within them."

A quick search reveals The Daily Planner as the single source for this particular notebook and sells for $6.25/each.

It looks as if ShiptheWeb also carries this notebook.

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