Picasso at the Palace

From the days of my first box of 72 crayolas until today, I've always enjoyed drawing, painting, illustrating--in fact nearly anything creative.

I was fortunate to have a superb art mentor early in life and a group of friends who like me explored the corridors of the Metropolitan Museum the way other teenagers explored shells on the sand at Brighten Beach on a summer Saturday morning.

Picasso was not one of the artists we admired then, and was more likely to be on 53rd Street, off the Avenue than at the Metropolitan on the Park.

Then I went to Paris.

I think it was a later visit, not my sojourn as a student, that presented me with another look at this artist, recognize and appreciate how he grew from a boy with a different box of crayons to an imaginative explorer of the canvas.

I probably would be on line at the Exhibit, even today, in the snow, if I were close by.

Imagine: Self Portrait, Picasso, 1907

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