Greyboy and Blueboy Pelikan M200s happy at last

My handwriting has changed so much that these days I really prefer a wider nib.

I sent back a B nib to Chartpak as it seemed to be writing fine and today I received just what the two pens needed--width. They are writing like two charms.

I inked them up, cleaned the older nibs and wrote with them for ages on my Rhodia reporter--smooth no bleeding, smearing, feathering.

The only problem, and of course life has its obstacle courses, is the older Pelikan nibs (circa 1989) are flexy and these are not.

Pity, but it might be a good trade off.

Thank you, Abi.

I would love to get one more war-time Pelikan. However, it doesn't look good for the Pelikan 100 as I'm not willing to pay the going prices on the 'bay.

Perhaps the Goddess will look upon me favourably as there is one up for sale now that looks like it would be perfect for my small piston collection.

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