Writing the Mind. Ficino thanks you

Well, it appears my article appeared in this week's Reporter and got autumn colour coverage. Too bad...or good...only ten people know what the word convivium means because the paper pluralised it on the cover.

But I got one call congratulating me on the article from a community member and hope to hear other positive feed-back from the other community members I interviewed.

I also had a touch of creativity this afternoon and called my favourite librarian, Barbara, to see if she could round up some Bach for me on CDs. "Yes," she replied, "we don't have any in our system but can get them inter-library loan." So I'll have choices for the 25 October workshop if it goes forward. This is another of my ways of saving money--the use of the library or other free of charge services in this splendid community of resourceful folks.

I've also nearly finished organising all my art stuff, or at least have them segregated into bins, boxes and other containers, and can think about either bringing them up all to the White Room or take them back down cellar with clearly identified labels.

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