On the question of ink...behaviour

With the exception of watercolour (paints), I don't have much experience with variates with colour on paper. I have a wide array of watercolour, and after learning that a name is not the same as its true nature, it appeared that a cadmium in one brand may be totally different in another. Two blues could and do vary greatly and if one is inclined to follow a palette suggestion from another watercolour artist, substitutions might get you a dull green rather than the bright one you saw on the page.

Now, I hadn't really given much thought to the variation of how ink reacts to pen nib and paper.

Just this week trying to sort out a fine 14k vs a medium 18k nib on the Parker, I discovered a vast difference not only in stroke width but in shade. Diamine WES Imperial in the two nibs are startlingly different.

Then as my focus is clearly off, and I wanted to ink my Sensa Girl, I reached for the Diamine WES bottle again and inked her up.


The WES is totally different in the Sensa Crystal than in either of the two Parker nibs--totally. It is clearer, brighter and nearly as intense as some of the blues remarked upon at FPn.

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