Giving my writing, the book and money consideration

It is wonderful to read the Black Cover and Biffybeans' blogs to learn what new journals they are reviewing. Both bloggers have a clear notion of what sort of journal they'd like and what elements of design, paper, usability they prefer.

I often get caught up in those reviews and neglect my own short list of preferences.

- unlined
- good paper for fountain pens and drawing
- attractive cover
- portability
- reasonably priced
- easy to purchase

When I go through my list, many of Nick's offerings get cancelled including the Stiffexible's that I nearly bought from Bromfield's yesterday because they only come in lined journals. Several of Biffybeans' journal reviews get cancelled out for the same reason or because of lack of accessibility. I called the Daily Planner to confirm what paper is in the Rhodia e-pure and after more than one week I haven't received a response.

So, again with a stack of unused journals and sketchbooks and a shrinking bank account, I will indefinitely postpone another purchase.


  1. I know the paper isn't Clairefontaine. That's why Exaclair won't import them. They don't want to have to explain that there's this one Rhodia with paper different from all the rest of the Rhodias.....

    It's so different from all other Rhodia's, that I don't understand why it even has the Rhodia name on it.

    I do like the paper...

  2. Yes, thanks, Daily Reporter, finally sent me an email that the paper isn't the same.