PW Workshop

Day 1-Saturday, 18 October--With the aid of index cards I started making notes for the PW workshop on Saturday, 25 October. I finished reviewing the introduction and Chapter I.

Day 2-Sunday, 19 October-Listened to 3 of the 4 Bach CDs. Read and made notes on Chapter 2 and the beginning of Chapter 3.

Day 3-Monday, 20 October-Listened to part of the 4th CD--it appears it is an educational overview of the Brandenberg and not usable for the workshop. Continued reading and making notes on Chapter 3.

Started to prepare the handouts
- Bibliography
- PQ and four concluding questions
- Meaning of proprioception

Day 4-Tuesday,21 October-Nearly finished Chapter 4. Working through notes and tried to print them on card stock or labels. I don't have a good enough match to make this work--will have to hand write the notes. Finished writing notes through the third chapter.

Day 5-Wednesday, 22 October, At mid-day I caught up with reading and writing up notes of Chapters 1-4. Finished Chapters 4 and 5. Organised and nearly completed the bibliography.

Day 6-Thursday, 23 October, Finalise the bibliography and other hand outs.

Day 7-Friday, 24 October, Finished chapter 6, printed hand-outs, organised materials; prepared basket of all materials, plus coffee

Day 8-Saturday, 25 October, stop at Liz' to pick up ream of paper; The Workshop at Beaver Cottage

Outcome: Successful, attendance good, weather bad, gave myself a good grade.

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