Queen of Cups

When I worked in Boston as a public health advocate one of several specialties I was introduced to is PNI (psycho-neuro-immunology). I was working with a very disenfranchised group of HIV infected and affected folks whose needs transcended just a simple palliative or a medical prescription. PNI was one of several approaches we explored and one that I often wished I had studied in medical school.

I often see how PNI plays a role in my own life.

Tired, sleepless, restless and somewhat stressed, I've developed a cold or even a flu. I was fine the day before, no sign of illness and then suddenly yesterday I could barely keep my eyes open, concentrate or focus. I lost one entire day in keeping up with my schedule for tomorrow's workshop.

And if I look at this cold or flu objectively it is all tied to emotions--the Queen of Cups.