More than Pens

While some may find it funny, others strange, still others electrifying, and a few ridiculous, I am finding it dangerous.

Dangerous and frightening, reminiscent of the 1960s, strangely like a Rod Sterling short in black and white, and it makes my blood boil, my heart pound and my eyebrows wrinkle up in my forehead.

What is the McCain-Palin ticket thinking of when they ramble rouse and incite a crowd?

And what is McCain up to with his preposterous invented slogans about finance, health care, the environment and the Iraqi War?

One week before Bobby Kennedy was killed at the Ambassador Hotel, I was in that dining room enjoying the company of a couple of dozen physicians who had come together, under my direction, to discuss diabetes. We all came away sated and pleased with the outcome of the symposium. Then we choked on our prime rib when we realized seven days later that there by the grace of!

I remember November 1963 and hearing the blaring radio on 43rd Street announcing, "The President was shot. The President was shot."

I can feel the pain in my chest when I remember the day Martin Luther King was assassinated and how I ran from the Academy of Medicine on 103rd Street through the Park to escape the pain of another public death.

Is Sarah Palin, consciously, attempting to set the world stage for another assassination? Is she that stupid, corrupt, miserable, uninformed, unintelligent, petty, vengeful, that she can't see that inciting is tantamount to calling for murder? Doesn't she watch Law & Order? Does she realize that instigating is as good as pulling the trigger?

I fear for us! I fear for us! I fear for Senator Barack Obama!

And after I wrote this, I read a short piece in which Senator Biden suggests that Palin-talk is mildly dangerous.

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