National Museum of Women in the Arts

I was so excited and delightfully astounded to pick up the latest issue of Women in the Arts and find my friend Gwen Diehn has won the 2008 Library Fellows Award for her Helen Kottanner's Memoirs--a combination of text and wood blocks all hand made by Gwen in Italy. A limited edition is available at the museum.

Gwen Diehn is among the best journal designers and bookbinders in the States and a wonderful women. Her books are outstanding and apparently she is just starting another for Lark Publications.

I had to write to her directly to congratulate her. This award is so deserved and I am so pleased.


  1. I am interested in buying a copy of the book you refer to -- Helena Kottanner's Memoirs. Any advice as to where/how I can do that?
    omywords at

  2. Sent to your email address.

    Here's the address:

  3. And more info on the book is here: