Palin for 2012

Yes, it appears that with seven days until the Election, and no sure victory either way, the talk in the media is that Governor Sarah Palin may be preparing to run for office, that office in the White House, in 2012.

And just as naturally I have an opinion.

I stay out of the chatter on FPn because I got hot just reading some of it, and gave up my moderatorship on another forum because I could hardly contain myself when I read not right versus left arguments, but statements that don't, didn't and can't make sense.

What scarces folks about other folks being smart?

I've never figured it out, not really figured it out, and now that we have a woman running for Vice President who can't name one single newspaper she reads, doesn't understand the role of the Vice President, doesn't appreciate the US Constitution, has no sense of the social democratic process, can't add or subtract the impact of shopping at Neiman Marcus and race baits openly, I understand less.

Am I an elitist? Am I left of center? Am I educated? Do I live on the East Coast of the US? Have I travelled and lived abroad?

Yes to all those questions.

And the fact that we find the Joe the Plumber story compelling enough to suggest that the snow-mobile Queen of Alaska has the credentials to be president just makes me want to gag (and I haven't eaten yet).

Why do we pride ourselves on mediocrity? What is it about the everyman that makes every man think it is all right to be uneducated but make a million, or that going to Yale or Columbia on a scholarship makes one an elitist?

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