Art & Soul with Diana Trout

Yesterday afternoon, I was cruising at 60mph and found myself at the Art & Soul Retreat webpage--hemming, hewing, wondering if I should consider going as it is almost in driving distance and I thought some buddies might be teaching.

What a surprise to find Diana Trout's name in big letters as one of the instructors. I wrote to her immediately and her big news is the release of a book by Northlight in the Spring.

Go, Diana.

Diana and I met at a retreat similar to Art & Soul in Atlantic City, NJ and found ourselves sitting side-by-side just sharing. We've stayed in touch since and have exchanged and published each other's art work in our respective zines.

I am so delighted for my friends. They've all worked hard to climb the ladder and it appears in the last year or more quite a few have reached near-heaven.

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