Card of the Day: High Priestess

As 2008 closes, my thoughts are drifting away from the mundane and material and moving into the realm of the imagination and dream-land.

Plucking the High Priestess bodes well for the New Year.

Cold, inside and out (~6ºF), it is impossible to do much in the cellar as I can only seem to stay down there about 10-15 minutes. Hence, I may have to postpone the second coat on the molding.

No need to cook as spaghetti sauce prepared days ago might be my fare today and beyond.

More snow, although rather light on the roads.

Calls received and made with New Year greetings.

Two laundries on the go.

Organising papers may be my task today as it will be warmer Upstairs than Down.

Quiet, not pensive but more meditative.

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