The Drafting Table is here

I drove over to Milford (PA) on Tuesday to meet with the seller, and picked up the drafting table.

It was a typical Mercury retrograde experience.

I arrived in Milford but never saw the Staples coming into town. I went to the linen shop only to find they had no sheets in double. I bought other stuff instead.

I had a bagel and coffee at the Cafe, bought a baby gift for a new FPN father (and mailed it two days later).

None of these was too problematic until we tried to move the car a few inches and I found out my battery died--the second time in two weeks. I must check to see how long a battery is supposed to last. I bought this one in Taos (NM) approximately 5 oil changes ago or 15,000 or more miles ago.

Fortunately, the seller, was a kind sort of bloke, and helped sort out all the issues.

PS - Liz and Ruby came over to watch the debate and Liz helped me bring the table upstairs. What a relief!

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