Extremism at its Worst

Now if we want to speak on or about some subjects, we are threatened with fire-bombs, imprisonment and in the case of some, like Theo van Gogh, death!

How did this happen or has it always happened and I was asleep while it was surfacing, brewing, percolating among the young and the old alike.  Now not only in the political arena with the assassinations of Martin Luther King, John and Robert Kennedy, the Prime Minister of Egypt, the list goes on, we see threats of dismemberment, torture and fire-bombing of the average man or woman who speaks out.

A book about the Muhammad, or a cartoon, can stir such violence as to silence the publishers, the authors, the artist, the moderator and occasionally me.  But I hate it! 

I despise the fact that politically correct has become political stifling on the right and on the left, and I want to write about it.  I want to challenge this new approach to communication that forces the speaker into silence. 

But the  Jewel of Medina was published and I'd like to see more such books, articles and cartoons go forward.

I hated when I was stifled about health care reform, and I do hope there will be a change in attitude and approach with a new Administration in the States and rapprochement internationally.

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