In spite of Biffybeans' enticements with all her wonderful reviews of notebooks, I think I've decided not (repeat not) to buy another notebook for my trip with the possible exception of a smaller multi-purpose like the one at Fine Arts that will take ink, watercolour and pencil. And possibly a more expensive journal at Paper Plume to replace the Habana that, although the perfect size and colour, is not as ink friendly as I had hoped--too much bleed through on pages.

I have so many journals, notebooks and sketchbooks you'd think I was running a store and that is after I sold a stack of them before I retired to friends in the art community.

I am also only after one more fountain pen, and possibly another vintage, and that too could end my pen mania for this year.

Now hopefully the retrograde Mercury will take off my hands the items I have up for sale and those I intend to put up at the 'bay.


  1. Yes, yes - I hear you....but wait! I have even more reviews coming of even more wonderful fountain pen FRIENDLY paper. :o) Just one more wafer thin journal couldn't possibly hurt.....

  2. Looking forward to more reviews...and one more wafer thin journal...which would that be? (wg)