Before it slips away

Having determined I need to get back to an easel, a drawing board, a drafting table, my knee and do some art, I started poking my head around the internet.

Where did all the AJers go?

What is so and so up to?

Where's the crowd from True Colors?

I made discoveries!

And I found some if not all the old players!

While doing this searching and looking, I also had a flash back of the road traveled on the internet when I returned to New York, now twelve years ago.

I believe I started with an AOL account; now buried. My interest in phenomenology brought me to education, philosophy, astrology and tarot. This interest lead to some chat rooms. After joining a large Yahoo tarot group , I discovered an art journal group which led back to making tarot cards rather than reading them.

Somewhere during that time I was a member of about 10, 15, 25 on-line art groups.

I discovered magazines like Somerset Studios, got published, started a 'zine, made art, altered books, continued pondering the universe through visual tarot and then went on the road leaving my supplies in a box.

More than two years have passed.

The journeys on the internet and on the road occasionally collided.

Face to face meetings occurred in Portland, Seattle, Taos, Asheville, Santa Fe, Scottsdale, Albany, Brattleboro, Northampton, New York.

I am still but restless.

I am prepared but unsteady.

I have room but greedy for more.

I have the supplies.

Do I have the fortitude?

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