Card of the Day: The Star

On dangerous roads but with purpose I set out to first clean the car of ice and snow, and then cautiously drive to Callicoon (NY) to mail some parcels.

If I hadn't learned how to drive at an early age with a go-car and a motorcycle, I might have slipped off the unsanded, icy roads. It was just short of treacherous!

On several occasions I pulled over to the side and allowed another more reckless driver to pass me. I was not going to go faster than the situation warranted and that didn't seem to be more than about 30-35m/hr even on the somewhat major road that takes me from Pennsylvania into New York.

The below freezing temperatures (~3-8ºF) yesterday and last night didn't improve the driving conditions.

And the only patches that seemed sanded were spank in the middle on the magic but nearly invisible yellow lines.

But The Star were with me and I made it there and back without incident!

Image: Robert Place ©

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