There is little water at the bottom of this well!

Inkwells have only appealed to me or came into my consciousness from my unconscious. In the 1980s, I had a dream that I spent months analyzing with a fellow psychologist and friend. The untangling of that dream was intended to put me on the road to writers' recovery.

But I never found the inkwell.

However, in the early 90s while living in Shutesbury, I did discover a small amber well, unusual, small and affordable and bought her.

Now I have three inkwells: the amber one, and two bakelite Morriset inkwells, one in green and one in black. I bought the first from a fellow FPn member. It came with a Morriset dip pen. The pen is actually more appealing and wonderfully rewarding than the inkwell. The pen has a removable nib (M) and a rather large capacity. I can write with this pen for paragraph after paragraph without its running of out ink. The capillary in the nib is clear and I can see the pen flowing into and out of the nib.

I liked the pen so much I looked around for another, and soon found a lovely black model. Naturally, it needed its very own inkwell and as luck would have it I found one on the 'bay.

Unfortunately, glass bottles for these Morriset inkwell are hard to come by, but I did discover that of all the inks I own, the Levenger ink bottle fits into the cavity of the Morriset.

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