Taking Stock

Taking an objective view of a life-time collection of any kind isn't easy and I am having a difficult time sorting out the "I want this pen" from "I'd like to sell this pen" or even in some cases "I'll give this pen to Ruby."

Yesterday I opened my jewelry basket, and have not one issue with giving Stefan the beautiful gold cuff-links or tossing the whole lot into the air and sending it packing, but I am having a terrible time photographing those pens I'd like to see receive a better, more protective home.

Some of it has to do with not understanding their proper value or more importantly their re-sale value. I know what a pair of cuff-links of this age, patina and mark is worth, but I don't understand the fountain pen market--at all.

For example, one Mont Blanc slimline ball point went for more than $140.00 on the 'bay yet no one on FPn seems to even acknowledge that this pen has a place in the MB pantheon.

I had a Parker Vac and a Waterman Safety both of which probably could have gotten more money but I wasn't prepared to fix either of them and let them go for what seemed at the time reasonable prices.

I also realize that I never bought pens to sell them but to use them and never thought one wit about their pedigree and hence have an assortment of high, middle and low end pens.

However, knowledgeable or not, it is my intention to sift through this heap of colours and shapes, and make firm decisions before too long.

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